This is site is about Skin, Beauty, and Fashion… in it’s foundational form and existence. Mosdesty! We need to know abou the way we care for ourselves and ourbodies. So this site promotes nothing but natural skin care tips, ideas, and modest fashion. Please

SHOP THIS STYLE: This category is about replacing items with modest ones. E.g. The Brittany Simon Shop this Style. In that picture Brittany was wearing a pair of denim black jeans. The jeans were replaced with a black pencil skirt instead. Do you see now????? This is how you make an outfit modest, by replacing it with your style of clothing, but having it as a modest item. SHOP THIS STYLE; IS ALL ABOUT REPLACEMENT!

SKIN CARE: This is skin tips and tricks to help with certain skin issues like acne, dry skin, oily skin, redness, etc. This is also a replacement category. natural skin products are better and are what i encourage my bloggers to consider.

Rate: Please rate all the posts/articles. When people visit the site…. it is best to have a best rated category!

What is M.W??? A: modest woman!

Modesty is beauty! We women should embrace it! This site is all about replacement and transformation. Transformation from glamorous to Godly; and Modern to Modest!

© Modesty + Glamour:  This is site is based on 1 Timothy 2:9.


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