With the weather getting chillier and chillier, it’s inevitable that our skin and lips will need more attention in the coming months. In an effort to get spa-perfect lips without breaking the bank, here is a simple, DIY, low-cost, lip care regimen that is so easy to follow.

1: Clean Up

It may sound silly, but you first want to cleanse the lips to get any residue off. By doing this you’ll lift away impurities and ready your lips for the benefits to come. When washing your lips, try to use a organic cleanser like castile soap, black soap, or something of that nature.

2: Exfoliate to Smooth

Next, you’ll exfoliate the lips with a organic, non-harsh exfoliant. You can use the DIY: BROWN SUGAR & VANILLA LIP SCRUB. which is made of brown sugar, agave nectar, and other moisturizing ingredients. Apply to the lips in a light circular motion using your finger. The fine texture of the sugar makes it super easy to rub in—then, wipe the remaining scrub off with a damp, warm washcloth. This step feels amazing, and all flakiness will be long gone! 

3: Condition

Lip Balm is the perfect finishing touch. Shea butter, jojoba, coconut, and olive oils hydrate and lock in the soft texture left over from all of the other steps. Apply as needed throughout the day to moisturize and add shine. Overnight, it works beautifully, too. You can use the DIY Natural Lip Balm by Modesty + Glamour.


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