I have a brand new product that im going to review today. Thinking about one of the requirements or rules i set up for this blog, you would think about why neutrogena would anywhere near natural right? Well, neutrogena has come out with a new collection. It is not as new as people may think but for those who don’t know about it, its pretty new. So before i began the review here is a little background check about Neutrogena Naturals.


  • Pure, Safe and Effective

    We’ve made choices about what goes into Neutrogena® Naturals products, and what gets left out. We developed the Naturals line to ensure that you get the results that you want by adhering to our own standards of excellence and using pure, safe ingredients that are naturally derived.

  • Bionutrients

    Just like nutrients in your body are essential for health, naturally derived bionutrients can be used to promote healthy skin. Bionutrients are highly concentrated chemical compounds found in nature that are essential for healthy-looking skin.

    The benefits of bionutrients have been shown to promote skin health and resilience by adding essential nutrients and supporting the skin’s own natural functions for replenishment and detoxification. They are the foundation of healthy skin, and the root of our approach to natural.



I bought this product last month (March). It was $6.99 at my local grocery store. I settled for the price because of the lack of a coupon.

THE CONSISTENCY:  It is a clear cleanser, so it feels like a smooth-liquid gel. It is not really running, but not sift either.  It has no color to it so you can actually see your hand through the cleanser.

THE RESULTS: It goes on very smooth. with this cleaner you would have to make sure a scrub or exfoliator is in your regimen. It does not clean the pores very well, being that it is so smooth and gel like. They also have a scrub in this collection, but i have yet to try that.

THE BENEFITS: This is also for acne-prone skin. The Salicylic Acid in this product is naturally derived form Willow Bark, other organic acne products. The nutrients in this products are what help transition and heal your skin to be clear and beautiful.  Here are some of them;




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