my skin care regimen

As you all know, I only use 100% Organic Products for my skin. So finally, here is my organic skin care regimen.


Rynnie R. ~ Modesty + Glamour

cleanser: Raw, Unfiltered Organic Honey

  • I bought this Honey from The Fresh Market (one of my local health food stores) for $10.99. 16 oz.  Click to see the benefits of Raw Honey for Skin & Acne .




moisturizer: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • I love this for my skin. It moisturizes very well and it helps with my acne scars. You can purchase this online or at your local beauty supply store. Prices range from $7.99-$12. Click to see article on Black Castor Oil for Skin & Acne.




skin treatment #1: steam treatment

  • I use the steam treatment on my face at night when I cleanse with the Raw Honey. You can do this two different way by either using a hot cloth and applying it to the face 2-3 times with bearable hot water or you can boil water and cover face with towel for about 5-10 min.



skin treatment #2: clay facial

  • This clay is wonderful for removing toxins and bacteria from the skin. Clay pulls out impurities from skin leaving you with clean, fresh, and bacteria-free skin. Click to see article on Green Clay Benefits for Skin.

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