Summer time is considered a great time as far as skin care goes. Your skin is young, glowing,  and alive. But as winter and fall approaches things begin to change, don’t they? Your skin begins to feel dry and you feel uncomfortable and itchy. What should do you do? Well this article is going to give some amazing ways to face the cold weather with amazing skin!



Conventional wisdom tells us that drinking more water will have a positive impact on skin, providing a younger-looking, radiant complexion. However, definitive research on any positive effects water consumption has on the skin is scarce.Experts at University of Wisconsin Hospitals do note that the skin is an organ, and, as with other organs, its cells are predominantly made up of water. When these cells do not get adequate amounts of water, skin is likely to become dry, flaky and be more prone to wrinkles. Though drinking recommended amounts of water may not be a magic cure for skin, it certainly will not cause harm.

So, hydrate your skin from within by drinking lots of water. Carry a bottle with you when you go outside, when you are at work, or where-ever. Herbal tea is also great when it’s really cold. Your skin will soon have a healthy glow. So drink up and don’t let your skin get thirsty.


It is important to make sure you exfoliate in fall and  winter. Dead skin cells reduce the amount of absorption you get from the products you apply, and increase winter and fall dryness and irritation.  In order to maintain healthy, youthful, glowing skin we do need to both remove old, dead skin cells and encourage proper cellular turn over. Exfoliating both removes the old dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal enabling new healthy skin cells to grow.

Your body is continuously producing new cells to replace those that naturally die off. As we age cellular turnover slows down, especially skin cells. This slower turnover and excessive dead skin laying on the surface is one of the causes for dull, lackluster, unhealthy, or wrinkled skin.  Additionally, dead skin cells clog your pores and create blockage, wreaking havoc for your skin.

When you exfoliate make sure you do not scrub vigorously. Abrasive scrubbing scratches, tears, and rips the skin. These tiny abrasions damage your skin and accelerate aging. So, try avoid, as  much as possible, any products that contain exfoliates with jagged sharp edges that do not dissolve such as pit fruit seeds and nutshells.

In the case of salt and sugar where they are square (and do start with sharp edges), they dissolve with water, and with the circular motions of applying, become circular, thus preventing any skin damage. 

  • Click Here to see a list of body scrubs that you can make yourself. These recipes are provided by Modesty + Glamour.


Copy of Body-Mousse

It is very crucial to opt for a body butter that not only suits your skin type but also improves your skin texture and tone while hydrating your body.

Low humidity and moisture in the air, coupled with frigid conditions and bone-shaking winds, can be very drying to the skin,” explains Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, facial plastic surgeon and professor at Boston University. “Rich body butters can provide a more durable barrier that protects natural skin softeners from being loss, in addition to helping to restore moisture.” – Huffington Post

Since body butters are heavier in consistency than body lotions, it is crucial to look for the right ingredients for your skin type. Prianka Kumar, make-up expert, says, “It is extremely important to keep in mind that body butters are only to be applied to areas on your body other than the face, since facial tissues are relatively thinner and the thick consistency can lead to break-outs and allergies.”


Use a oil based body butter. This will help protect your skin from moisture loss. Choose one that comes in an ointment form as it will contain 80% butter and 20% oil. This ratio of 80:20 is the perfect balance. Creams and lotions may tend to dry out the skin rather than keep it moisturized and soft.

  • Click Here to see a list of body butters that you can make yourself. These recipes are provided by Modesty + Glamour.


Although it doesn’t taste very great flax-seed oil can moisturize your body from the inside. Since it is rich in vital fatty acids it can do a lot for your overall health. It is available in oil form as well as in capsule form.

Flax-seed oil is one of the best sources of plant-derived, inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids. Recently, researchers tested the ability of flax-seed oil to improve specific skin features. They did a 12-week randomized study of women in which one group took approximately 2,200 milligrams (mg) of flax-seed oil daily, compared to safflower seed oil.

In the flax-seed oil group, there were significant reductions in skin sensitivity, skin water loss, roughness, scaling, and skin smoothness, and hydration actually increased. This was a small study, but the results were impressive, and flax-seed oil is safe and cheap enough that after analyzing this study I began to recommend it, especially in the wintertime for folks who have dry skin issues.


Fragrant soapy scrubs might feel (and smell) wonderful , but they leave your skin dry. When fall and winter arrives, switch to a sulfate-free hydrating cleanser. This is so important. Use a creamy moisturizing body wash that will give you great moisture and softness of skin.

Stick with a sulfate-free body wash instead of bar soap or anything highly perfumed. Pat — don’t rub — your skin dry, and moisturize while it’s still damp to help your cream penetrate.

Here is a list of some companies that offer organic body washes.


Even though they feel great on a bone-chilling day, hot showers and baths are extremely drying,” says New Jersey dermatologist Dr. Robin Ashinoff. Exposure to hot water with temperatures over 98.6 degrees causes blood-vessel dilation that results in water loss throughout the epidermis. If you crave heat, keep it under five minutes, then switch to cool water for the remaining time.  Your showers should be 10-15 minutes long; this does include the time it takes us women to shave our legs.

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