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Whether you call it acne, pimples, zits or blemishes, a poor complexion can be bothersome and embarrassing. Acne heals slowly, and just as soon as one blemish has started to resolve, a whole new crop may be breaking out. Several lifestyle remedies may help acne and prevent new breakouts, and one of them is exercise. Sessions that are long enough for you to sweat out some toxins or feel the stress-reducing effects of relaxation work best. However, keep several facts in mind while exercising to keep the problem from becoming worse.

Regular Exercise


For acne sufferers, exercise can result in positive benefits, especially if you do it on a regular basis. If acne is a persistent problem, you may need to adopt a varied exercise plan for as long as the acne persists. Exercise can reduce stress by releasing the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Some people believe stress plays into acne breakouts. Stress can regulate the hormones responsible for the overstimulation of the sebaceous glands. Vigorous exercise enhances circulation, bringing oxygen to all parts of the body, including skin. Sweat cleanses your pores as it leaves your body, leaving less chance of dirt, oil and germ buildup in your pores that can cause inflammation and acne. By improving the strength and function of your internal organs, exercise can help flush toxins from your body and bolster your immune system to help fight germs that cause acne.

Types of Exercise That Help

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Sweating toxins out of your body is one big way exercise helps acne, and exercise also helps create balance in the body. By eating properly, drinking an adequate amount of water and exercising regularly, your complexion will improve. Although recommendations do not include how long each exercise session should last, regularity of exercise seems to be the ticket to success. By picking an activity you enjoy, you are increasing the odds that you will be consistent in the exercise. Strength training boosts your metabolism long after your exercise session is over, and aerobic exercise improves circulation and endurance. Gentle exercises are good stress relievers. Combining several types of exercise should cover all the bases and improve your overall health in the process.


To not aggravate your acne condition while exercising, don’t wear makeup, because it tends to clog pores. If you exercise outdoors, be sure to wear sunscreen to avoid a breakout due to sun exposure. The rubbing of exercise equipment against your skin may be another cause of acne. Make sure your equipment is clean and of proper size. Use sweat cloths to help collect sweat, and wear comfortable, loose clothing to allow adequate air flow. When you are finished working out, shower as soon as possible and change into dry clothing. Pat your face dry rather than rub it to avoid pushing sweat, makeup, sunscreen or germs into your pores. An exfoliant that contains acne medication can be helpful after exercising.

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