Liebster Award

This morning The Ultimate Girl Guide nominated me for the Liebster  Award. I so happy because this is my second nomination for the Liebster Award, my first was from Crazy Fun Sexy Guide check her out!

Here are the questions

1- What is a question you want answered in my blog?

You pretty much have it all down pack!

2- What is a big problem you’re dealing with right now?

This 20 min presentation I have to do in front of class.
3- How do you stay happy?

By Jesus Alone
4- Fitness freak or not?

5- Favourite blogger?
6- Why were you inspired to make your blog and how?

I wanted to create a place where women of all aged could come and receive tips and get advice by using natural products. I wanted a place where those of simple and modest fashion could get inspiration. And that is why I continue to add articles, and update the site with new and amazing information!
7- Do you prefer big bold colours on your face or nude makeup?

Do not wear makeup, but if I did I would do nude and natural looks!
8- What is your favourite song?

Right Now, lol :)…. Greater is Coming by Jekayln Carr
9- What is your favourite piece of makeup?

Lip Gloss
10- Do you believe in ghosts?

Heck No! 😉


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