By: thisoriginalorganiclife

  •  3 tblsp Coconut Oil
  •  2 tblsp Shea Butter
  •  2 tblsp Arrowroot
  •  3 tblsp Baking Soda
  •  Essential Oils of your choice – I used about 5 drops of lavender & 5+ drops of tea tree oil
  •  An old (clean) deodorant container to reuse!


  1. Start by getting all your ingredients ready to go – measure out coconut oil and shea butter
  2. Melt coconut oil and shea butter.  Do this by putting them in a canning jar and then placing them into hot/boiling water in a pot until they melted.  This takes about 15 minutes or so if you are starting with cold water.
  3. Once melted, remove from heat, give a stir and get ready to add the rest of your ingredients!
  4. Measure out baking soda and arrowroot
  5. Mix in baking soda and arrow root thoroughly – use spoon or small whisk; whatever makes it combine well
  6. Add any essential oil/s of your choice  lavender and tea tree oil make a wonderful combination that is very fresh feeling and smelling.
  7. Let your deodorant mixture cool for a while – until it is about the consistency of runny peanut butter – you can speed up by doing it in the refrigerator.
  8. Now, for the fun part . . . if you have an old deodorant container you can reuse!  This is a fun way to put that plastic to use again, and it helps when it comes to applying your deodorant.

    This recipe actually makes about 4 ounces of deodorant, so when you pour it into the re-purposed deodorant stick, you may have extra!

A couple of tips:

*Store in fridge to keep it from getting too mushy

*Be patient and open in your new adventures, especially if you are switching from an antiperspirant – this will be different!  Even if you are switching from store-bought natural deodorants, there will still be some acclimating that takes place.

I hope you enjoy your new natural homemade deodorant!


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