• Organic Dark Brown Sugar
  • Almond Oil

In a plastic container (travel size), add a scoop of dark brown sugar, may 1/4 c.  Then pour in the almond so that it becomes very moist. It is kind of hard to tell you how much exactly to use so you can take a look at the video that I embedded below.

You can alter the amounts as well, you may choose to make every time you use the scrub but for convenience, just make it before-hand.

Scrub into the face and massage very well. Remember to focus on what part of your face is affected by acne/scarring. Exfoliate for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Exfoliate your face before cleaning. You want to remove any dead skin cells from the face before using the cleanser which is probably going to help smooth your face, which is what we want.


0:00 -1:07 Intro
1:08 – 5:12 Acne Scarring
5:13 – 8:27 Blackheads
8:28 – 10:33 Eczema


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