Blog of the Year 2012’ Award’s!

Liebster-AwardI want to thank CrazyFunSexyGuide; for nominating me for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award. Thanks so much!

Now, here is a list of blogs i nominated for their award as well!

  1. Glitters Wall of Fame
  2. Au Natural Essence
  3. Be Your Own Beautiful
  4. Style Salvation
  5. A Mix of Things
  6. Wholeness 4 Love
  7. Crazy Fun Sexy Guide



The eleven facts about me are:

  1. I change my favorite colors often. This time it’s….. Purple and silver.
  2. When I am not in a good mode; I tune everyone out and listen to my playlist on my phone.
  3. I love to shop, but when it comes to beauty products I won’t pay over $12 for anything. I will compromise on clothing.
  4. The only time I cook, is when I feel like a Food Network Chef (Marcus Samuelsson Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine, and Michael Symon.)
  5. I am starting school in January for Business Technology.
  6. My favorite shows are the years are Iyanla Fix My Life and Welcome to Sweetie Pies.
  7. I hate dogs but I have one. As long as their small I’m good.
  8. 8.       I am Beautiful!
  9. I love to read my Bible every morning.
  10. My go-to style for my natural hair is a Twist Out!
  11. I like to see myself as the Virtuous Women of Proverbs 31!
  12. BONUS: I planned my whole wedding a little girl (12)… Now I’m doing it again!

Eleven Question to Answer from the Tagger:

1. Would you take one of my classes online if they were free (hehe, selfish plug)? Yes, I would. Really love Following Your Bliss.

2. What is your greatest achievement? Graduating High School and Starting College. I am the second one in the family to go to college!

3. What are you grateful for? Honestly, the cliché is always, “My family, friends, etc.” but we don’t really give thanks for the little things. I am thankful for food (when the economy still raises the prices), clothing, a home (when property taxes are too high), a car to drive (when gas prices are still rising), the Lord (because He is so great to me and my family), and my family (when I need them most), and friends (when I need laughter and fun!)

4. What is something NEW you’d like to do in the next 24hrs? Go to Africa and help women in need.

5. How are you feeling right now? At the moment, Happy, My mode changes throughout the day.

6. Are you where you want to be in life? Yes, I believe that I am on the verge to fulfilling my dreams.

7. Do you like fruit or veggies both or neither? Both

8.  What are you an expert in? In my opinion, what blog about, computers, and whatever else I catch on to quickly.

9. Who’s is your go to person, in challenging times? The LORD!

10. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic

11. Who is your go to guru? My fashion gurus areStacy London and Clinton Kelly


Eleven Questions for the People I nominated.

  1. What is your go-to hairstyle?
  2. What is your current skin care regimen?
  3. What is the max amount of money you will spend on beauty products?
  4. What do you do to your face, when you don’t feel like following though on your regimen?
  5. When you shop, what do you look for the least?
  6. Do you ever get the urge to spend money on something that you really don’t need?
  7. How often do you shop for clothing?
  8. Are you a bargain shopper or you don’t care about sales? Or do you just buy?
  9. Who is your favorite fashion guru?
  10. What celebrity fashion shows or blogs do you like most?
  11. How would you describe your style?

Click here to see the rules for the Award. ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award –


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