tumblr_m3xa9ntypE1rn3r1zo1_500I am very used to seeing colorful nails with designs, glitters, and more! But like in the previous post about “HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOUR WEARING MAKE-UP??? FOR THE M.W.!, i like to find ways for women who do not wear such colors and designs too. I have accommodate a lot of people with this blog. I take things that may seem or be normal to the average Betty, but I turn it around and make it wearable, do-able, and affordable for the modest Mary. (Look at the About M+G).

So here’s to all the women who like to look natural, be natural, and are natural in their hair, skin, and even nails.

Let’s get a little background.

Nail polish was used in Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, women used henna to dye their fingers and nails red to both signify their status in the social strata and to beautify their appearance. In Ancient China, they used a mixture that include crushed and mashed flowers like orchids and roses to extract their colors. Actually, the introduction of brightly-colored polishes the way we know them now was inspired by the advent of care paint.


Typically nail polishes come in colored and clear versions, with gradients in between. Pinks and reds are the most common colors, but they also come in increasingly bright and vibrant hues of blue, green, metallic’s and everything in between.


Good nail polish can be best identified by a solid, even coat of opaque or sheer color with a high gloss finish. Striations or marks in the polish can show that it is either cheap or expired nail polish, or that it was interrupted during the drying process. The acetate in nail polish gives it a very recognizable smell (similar also to the acetate scent found in nail polish remover).

Source: Ehow

Among a lot of reasons nail polishes are very high in chemicals. I know two main and average reasons why women do their own nails is because 1) Cheaper and 2) No overpowering smell of chemicals. Although this post is not as long as the others, my topic and information will be worth the shortness.

Here are the TOP Tips!

  • Use only ORGANIC Clear Nail Polish | If you do not wear only clear, still use organic. Go to Google Search and start looking, now.
  • Try Karma Organic’s Nail Polishes, they are completely organic! They offer organic remover as well.
  • Don’t Over do it. Even clear nail polish can look like you just put clear silicone’s on your counter-tops.



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