Lemon is an antispectic. Staph bacilli live on our skin- on every one of us. Some of you are aware of the Staph Cocus A- the flesh eating disease? everyone of us have that disease, but the immune system suppresses the growth of bacteria. But when the pH gets unbalanced, when our immune system gets low, the staph begins to grow. This is why we end up with really ashy-type skin. the skin lets you know when something is really wrong with you, —-inside.

So we want to help the body’s immune system to neutralize most of the staph that is growing on the surface of the skin. And because lemon is an antispectic, it will aid in the process.

Lemon also has some actual oils that will give the skin the fatty acids that it needs. it has a tremendous amount of melanin (a compound in our body that determines the color of our skin and hair), and other minerals that can be absorbed very fast into the skin.


just rub the lemon on the skin. It will give the skin a lovely smell. You can also use the peeling and massage with more force. the key is to run it in as much as possible. it will take a few weeks to notice the benefits of this treatment  But if you are persistent, then God will bless you with a lovely complexion.


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