Blackstrap molasses is nothing like the sopping molasses with biscuits  but things that are good for you don’t necessarily taste good, right? Blackstrap comes from the bottom of the barrel where are all the minerals are found. These are healing agents. You can use Blackstrap Molasses as a facial mask. Yes, I said it… a facial mask. It will cleanse and at the same time it is very healing to the skin.


Apply about 1 Tbsp of Molasses, by massaging it into the skin very well, until it is no longer sticky. Leave this on all night and rinse off in the morning. Rinse off with warm water, then splash cold water onto face, this will tighten up the skin.  (This will get on your bedding so cover you pillow with an old t-shirt.) Cover the entire face.

Do this for two weeks, in order to see results. You may do for however long, but do take a 2 week break from it, every now-and-again. Just to give your skin a break.

Perfect For:

  • Acne or Pimples
  • Toning and Firming the Skin
  • Prevent Wrinkles
  • Food for the Skin

This treatment will give the skin nourishment. this will give the skin cells something to feed on and tone the skin. This also works with wrinkles that are developing, and will firm a sagging jaw.


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