You guys remember the story about Daniel and his friends, right? Remember how they refused to  eat the kings meat or the wine which he drank? Daniel and his friends ate “pulse” and water which is vegetables, for 10 days. And they were fairer and had a better looking countenance than any of the other people who ate the kings meat and drink.

Well, sometimes you can get into these “I Dont Feel Pretty Because Of My Acne”  moments and days. I gotta tell you, i do all the time. Well, reading my Bible and taking my moms advice…. I plan to go on a 10 Day Acne Plan. Which consists of eating no junk foods, sodas, fried or greasy foods at all! Now you might be wondering where all this is going.

Well, for 10 days I will be doing a vegetable cleanse. Which means i will eat nothing but plenty of water and vegetables. Now Here are some important tips.

I will post an article for the 10 Day Cleanse…. This is Pt. 1 of the Article.


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