If there’s one thing that women know about their skin, is to have a regimen. The key to having a effective regimen, is to have a simple one. This will ensure that you will not have to worry about confusion and that you will have great results, because your regimen is simple and there is no complicated products, which means there will not be complicated results.

I have recently grasp the importance of having a regimen. I being a 17 yr. old woman :D; i was soo use to using either a wet washcloth or a simple face cleanser that was not  geared for my skin type and condition. For example, at one point I was using a face wash by Marykay for anti-aging. see what i mean??? I thought thw whole point was getting my face clean. And it was more than that. I not only had to have a simple regimen, I got to have simple products, that will get me great results. You see, Marykay anti-aging was not going to do anything for me. So i had to find something that will help me get my skin where it needs to be!

Here is a example of a simple regimen for somone with my skin type and condition. Oily + Acne prone


You should always exfoliate before actually cleansing. Why??? this ensures that all dead skin is no longer present and you can get a more defined cleansing experience. This exfoliating process also remove more oils from the face than a cleanser would. Reccommendation: St. Ives Apricot Blackhead & Blemish Control scrub; $2.99-$3.99. Or find one of your favorite brands that has a scrub for oily skin and that is geared toward acne prone skin. Like Neutrogena!


Use a oil free gel cleasner. This is not like a heavy cream cleanser. That will not remove excess oils. A gel cleanser is much more lightweight and goes on smooth. Reccommendation: burts bees acne solutions gel purifyer; $9.99.


A toner is usually apart of a acne skin regimen. It helps prevent furture breakouts and reduces redness, blemishes within 8 hours or so. This is also a oil absorbent. It removes all traces of oil that will make acne pror ne skin, produce mroe blemishes. Toners a wonderful part a skin regimen. I would really encourage any one to have one in there regimen. Reccommendation; Alba Acnedote Deep Pore Astringent


This is extremely important. Moisutirzing your skin protects against dryness, flaking, or uneven skin tone. There is not enough space for me to talk about moisturizers becasue many of you know the importance of it. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. Reccommendation: Aveeno Clear Complexions Moisturizer; $14.99-$15.00. Or Simple Rich Hydrating Moisturizer; $9.99.



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